Top 5 Horror Movies of all time

Top Horror Movie Of All Time.

1.The Exorcist

The original, unquestionable, undisputed great grandpappy of "possession" horror, and one hell of a brutally good time, William Friedkin's The Exorcist is not just one of the scariest films ever made: it's also one of the most well-constructed horror movies of all time. The story of demon-inhabited Regan, her distraught mother, and the two priests working their religious mojo to save her life holds up to repeat viewings -- partially because the horrific set pieces still hold up resoundingly well, and also because the actors create realistic, believable characters who are worthy of our empathy.

2.The Texas Chainsaw Masscare.

Texas chain saw masscare is movie realsed in 1974 and due tue aggresive content,cutting,piercing it made it to list.
Sally, Franklin and their three friends run out of gas while driving to their grandfather's house. One by one they are tormented and killed by a chainsaw-wielding killer and his psychopathic family.


Conjuring movie directed by James Wan has it all a horror movie need to have.
Rod and Carolyn find their pet dog dead under mysterious circumstances and experience a spirit that harms their daughter Andrea. They finally call investigators who can help them get out of the mess.

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