Top Multiplayer Games

                   Top Multiplayer Game 

5. Last Day On Earth: Survival

  • Last Day On Earth is a zombie shooter and survival strategy game based on the spreading of plaque over the world in 2027 wiping out population. You and Other survived need to survive, create weapon using the items scavenged during the game and survive as long as you can.

4. 8 ball pool

• 8 ball pool by miniclip is a multiplayer 8 ball        pool game simulator popular among all age        group and creator also added 9 ball on demand of the player.                                                              


•Minecraft is worlds most famous multiplayer game.Making its way from PCs to mobile and console.You need to survive,build etc and can play with your friends. Available on playstore

2.Fortnite Battel Royale.                                   

•Fortnite gain its popularity due to growing  demands of PUBG as the creator got impressed and  want to make game with same mode for mobile as  PUBG. From then Fortnite Gain its popularity.

1.Player Unknown Battelground.                           

    PUBG gain popularity through its PC version and thought of creating a mobile which was also a success. PUBG is a multiplayer Shooting Game in which youbneed to find weapons,kill and survive till last.

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